SODA Amateur Sports Membership Insurance Program

In just a few clicks qualifying applicants can become an affiliate member of SODA and can choose insurance program options. Prices shown include affiliate membership fees and insurance rates. You will get an instant quote and then continue to enroll using an online check or credit card and receive certificates within one (1) business day.

NOTE TO ALL AGENTS AND BROKERS: This program does not pay a commission to agents and brokers

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Copyright, Legal, And Privacy Notices: I have reviewed and accepted the terms of the Copyright Notice, Legal Notice and Privacy Policy that can be found in the links at the bottom of this page.

Submission No Guarantee Of Coverage: The submission of this enrollment confirms your desire to obtain insurance. It does not guarantee coverage even if you immediately receive an email confirming that your payment has been submitted and a second email evidencing Proof of Coverage subject to review of your electronic submission by Sadler & Company. Your enrollment may be disqualified if it is determined that you don’t qualify for this program, have not answered a question accurately, or have tendered an invalid check or one with insufficient funds. If your enrollment is disqualified, Sadler will immediately void all coverages as of the effective date and will notify all certificate holders.

Membership Requirement: The completion of this online enrollment confirms our desire to become an affiliate member of SODA, the membership fees for which are built into the total charges.

Premiums Fully Earned And Non-Refundable: All Premiums are fully earned at inception and there are no provisions for cancellations or refunds.

No COVID Refunds Or Credits: Now that COVID is a known risk, the insurance carriers will no longer consider COVID refunds or credits due to season cancellation, postponement, shortened season, etc. Please contact Sadler with questions regarding the best way to apply for coverage.

Review Of Brochures, Enrollment Forms, Coverage Plans, And Exclusions: I have carefully reviewed all coverage plan descriptions and enrollment forms posted on the web page and the PDF document (see Print Application) and understand the eligibility requirements, coverages, limits, exclusions that apply, as well as the activities and operations for which coverage is not provided. I also understand that the web page and PDF document only provide a summary of coverages and that the only source of complete information is to review a copy of the master policy. A copy of the master policy may be reviewed by emailing a request to

Other Policies Are Offered But Quotes Must Be Requested In Writing: I understand that this online enrollment provides the option for us to select Accident, General Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Crime, and Equipment. However, Sadler offers other types of insurance policies that are not available on this online enrollment such as Workers' Compensation, Excess Liability, Property (building and contents), Event Cancellation, Cyber Risk, Business Auto, Professional Liability, etc. If I am interested in a quote for these other types of policies, I will need to inform Sadler in writing.

Duty To Verify Documents (Verification Of Coverage and Certificates Of Insurance) For Accuracy, Master Policy Available Upon Request: I understand that the files contained in my proof of coverage email are important documents. Once these documents are received, I will review and make sure the documents contain the coverages requested and further agree to notify Sadler & Co., Inc. if the documents have any mistakes in coverages and/or limits. I am aware that because this coverage is written on a master policy, only the verification of coverage document and the certificate(s) of insurance will be received. However, a copy of the master policy is available at any time by emailing a request to If I do not receive a copy of the email containing my documents within 24 hours, I will follow up with Sadler & Company, Inc. immediately.

General Liability And Accident Specific:  Enrollments for this plan may be made 01-01-2021 through 12-31-2020. After this date, new enrollments will be subject to changes in rates and coverages. All coverages for teams/leagues, umpires and field owners expire 1 year from the effective date of coverage. Coverage for tournaments and camps/clinics will expire on the last date of the event listed on the enrollment form.

All sports must be amateur; all professional and/or semi-professional athletic participants are excluded; and coverage is only available for those insureds domiciled in the U.S.

Optional coverages may be purchased for an additional charge for Sex Abuse & Molestation and Non Owned – Hired Auto Liability.

If the option for Sex Abuse & Molestation is selected, coverage will not apply unless the insured implements the following requirements: (Taylor, make sure that this matches up with Brochure

  1. Have a system in place to perform and running criminal background checks on all paid staff and volunteers.

  2. Have written procedures that include sexual abuse and molestation prevention

  3. Have written procedures that include a response plan for allegations of sexual abuse or molestation including a requirement that law enforcement be contacted.

Sadler Sports Insurance provides a Safe Sport Child Abuse Risk Management Plan document, which, if adopted and implemented, will meet these requirements. This template can be found at

Additional Coverages: Directors & Officers Liability / Crime / Equipment

Additional coverages may only be purchased if the applicant has purchased General Liability insurance through Sadler & Company.

For the Directors & Officers Liability Policy: Important Note: The policy for which application is made, if issued, will be on a claims made basis. This policy subject to the declarations insuring agreements, terms, conditions, limitations and amendments, applies only to claims that are first made during the policy period or the discovery period if exercised.

The Crime Policy does not cover vandalism or theft of property by outsiders. If this coverage is desired, you must purchase coverage under the Equipment Section.

The Equipment Policy requires that all equipment valued $1,000.00 or more per item be individually scheduled with a brief description of the equipment and its replacement cost value. Please have this information available prior to completing the equipment application. (Itemized Inventory will be required at time of loss.) There is no coverage for losses caused by wind and/or storm surge on property located in Florida, property that is two (2) miles from the Eastern Seaboard (in states where there are barrier islands the starting point is the coastline not the barrier island), and ten (10) miles from the Gulf Coast. Certain weather conditions (ex: tropical storms and hurricanes) in your area may prevent us from binding Equipment coverage upon receipt of the application and premium payment. If this happens, we will make coverage effective as soon as the insurance company allows us to do so.

For all three policies under optional coverages, coverage is effective only upon underwriting and acceptance by the carrier. All coverages expire one year after the effective date.

Risk Purchasing Group Disclosure: The completion of this enrollment form confirms our desire to obtain General Liability insurance through ERS Risk Purchasing Group Association, Inc., domiciled in IL, at no additional cost, if such coverage is chosen. Since liability insurance is provided through a risk purchasing group, an insured may not have the protection of an insolvency guaranty fund in some states.

Non Admitted Carrier Policyholder Notice:

Since General Liability and/or Excess Liability insurance is placed through a non-admitted surplus lines carrier, the policyholder will not have protection through the applicable state guaranty fund in the event of insolvency.

Compensation Disclosure: I understand and agree that charges shown include a commission payable to Sadler & Company, Inc. in consideration for insurance and risk management services and in addition an affiliate member membership fee payable to SODA.

Warranty Statement: I understand that the insurance company, in determining whether to provide insurance coverage will rely on the information contained in this form and all other information being submitted. I hereby warrant, represent and confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, all information provided is complete, true and correct. I am aware that the insurance company expects accurate reporting for my premium calculation, and should my figures exceed my estimates during the coverage term I will make arrangements to pay the additional premium. I understand that my books and records may be examined or audited by the insurance company at any time during the coverage period and up to three years afterwards. Intentional misrepresentation or misreporting may jeopardize coverage.

Electronic Consent: I acknowledge that my email address below is correct and will update Sadler & Co., Inc. of any changes to this email in the future. I grant permission to Sadler & Co., Inc. to utilize this email address to send all documents and communications electronically, including but not limited to, certificates of insurance, verification of coverage, underwriting questions, coverage changes, renewal notices, non-renewal notices, cancellation notices, quarterly newsletters and important messages. I understand that documents will not be sent through U.S. mail in the normal course of business. You have the right to withdraw your electronic consent and to request paper copies of certain documents and communications. However, withdrawing electronic consent will greatly diminish our ability to provide service in a timely fashion.

Verification of Insurance Documents

If you've already purchased insurance with Sadler & Company and need to access to your verification of coverage documents or add an Additional Certificate click here to recover your information. The email address attached to your account will need to be supplied.

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