Sadler Flex Insurange Program.

Benefits Of This Online Application And Your Portal

Sadler Flex designed for Sadler clients that don't fit neatly into our other automated programs (see get quote) due to various factors such as not meeting eligibility requirements or the need for a more flexible program.

As you are completing your online application, the progress meter at the top of the page tends to significantly understate the percentage of completion

Here is a list of sports/activities that are ineligible under this program: bounce houses and inflatables, exotic animals, gun shows, hot air balloon rides, motorized sporting events, luge, parasailing, professional sports, sky diving, tobogganing, bungee jumping, hang gliding, mechanical rides, parachuting, Scuba diving, sunbeds/tanning equipment, and white water rafting. At the present time, Sadler & Company does not have a carrier for these sports/acti}vities.

After you submit your online application, the average quote turnaround time for qualifying applicants is 3-5 business days.

Notice to insurance agents: Sadler & Company, Inc. has changed its policy as regards new business commissions paid to insurance agents under the newly branded SadlerFlex program. Effective 8-1-20, Sadler will only pay a commission on accounts with a premium size that exceeds $7,500 under the SadlerFlex program. You may still want to assist your clients with a submission and may directly charge a service fee if allowable by applicable state law. However, Sadler & Company, Inc. will continue to pay renewal commissions on all renewal business for accounts that have already been placed under the SadlerFlex program prior to 8-1-20. For the Sadler programs that continue to pay a commission without any restrictions on premium size, please see our agents & brokers page.